Emergency Instructions


Excellent obstetrical care requires your doctors to be available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Clearly, it is impossible to predict when problems may arise. In addition, we would encourage you to call us whenever a significant problem may develop. During the first and early second trimester, the most common potentially serious problem is the presence of uterine bleeding. Later in the second and third trimester, a detailed description of potential problems and instructions will be provided to you.


Our office is generally open during regular business hours during the week. In addition, one office is open late two nights a week while one of our physicians does evening hours. Any phone calls during this time are obviously routed to the physician in the office that is open and operating. After hours, there will be a recorded phone message that directs to you hang up and dial 631-291-4847 in the event of an emergency. This will place you in immediate contact with a page operator who can locate the physician who is on call.


Once the physician on call has been paged, please wait for a return call. We make every attempt to answer all pages promptly particularly in the event of any type of emergent situation. If the on-call doctor has not returned a page within 15 minutes, then please call the emergency number agaib and have the doctor paged again. Very rarely, the paging system experiences some type of glitch.


Although we encourage husbands and significant others to be involved and supportive, we would much prefer to talk directly to the patient during any phone call. Direct communication more accurately relays the problem and decreases the risk of any misunderstanding.


DO NOT leave your location before the on-call doctor has returned your page. Doing so only creates an incredibly confusing situation. If an emergency is so acute, that you do not feel that you can wait up to 15 minutes to receive a call back, then the best advice is to proceed directly to the nearest emergency room, and we will speak with you there. However, this situation, in reality, is exceedingly rare. If it does occur, the best advice is to leave a family member or friend behind who can speak with us on the phone and relay the current problem and your destination to us. Otherwise, we have no idea what may have happened or where you may have gone. In a truly emergent situation, this only increases the risks to you and your baby.


There are certain unusual situations that can arise. Rarely, foul weather and/or phone provider service problems that can disrupt telephone lines. If the situation arises that the office line at WGM is disrupted and you have a true emergency, you can call the Labor and Delivery Unit at Huntington Hospital (631-351-2353). Please use this for emergencies only. The nurses there can receive your message, and are usually able to promptly contact us and/or advise you.


Finally, anticipate inclement weather as much as possible. If driving is hazardous, it is best to proceed to the hospital in a vehicle that can handle difficult traffic conditions. Most importantly, drive carefully. In the vast majority of situations, reckless and hurried transport to the hospital is totally unnecessary and creates a potentially dangerous situation.